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Sumas Prairie


A stretch of rural Abbotsford. Many farms in this area, here a winter blueberry field in red and dairy barns in the distance up to the edge of the mountains, here decorated with a frest coating of snow up high! Big country indeed!


6 responses

  1. Interesting shot, Robin!

    2017/12/06 at 22:00

  2. rhiebert

    The depth and the layers in this photo make it extraordinary.

    2017/12/07 at 12:20

    • Ruth, thank you! I would have liked it a bit lighter, but it was that type of day!

      2017/12/10 at 16:37

  3. I think I actually understand a bit about Sumas Prairie from our visits out west.

    2017/12/08 at 19:36

    • Furry, thank you! It’s a nice area alright!

      2017/12/10 at 16:36

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