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A Picture Says…


…a thousand words. But, I don’t think we need that many to say about this! Two should surfice: Autumn, Snow!

What else can I say!  Hope it doesn’t stay!


10 responses

  1. Here in England we’ve just got November rain (probably from now until Christmas!)

    2017/11/04 at 01:32

    • Adele, thank you! It’s been awhile since we had snow this early. It’s all gone now and we are forecast for about 2 weeks of rain. Or as far as they are willing to commit! It will probably be like you and last for awhile! I hope so, I much rather have the rain than the snow!

      2017/11/06 at 18:59

  2. Vicki

    isn’t it weird? not since 1984 have we had snow this early.. we only got a bit in the Cowichan Valley but there is lots on the mountains around us. Maybe more today. Your photo is lovely.

    2017/11/04 at 07:13

    • Vicki, It certainly is weird! It was a bit of a shock after the nice Fall we’ve had so far! We didn’t get that much, but it was still snow. Lots of rain in the forecast!

      2017/11/06 at 19:00

  3. gwenniesgardenworld

    Really pretty picture ! but snow ???? already ???

    2017/11/04 at 11:09

    • Gwennie, Thank you! Yeah, that’s what we said too! It is early for us!

      2017/11/06 at 19:02

  4. SNOW! Whew, it’s at least a month away from my area…(Now watch it snow!)

    2017/11/05 at 13:48

    • Andy, thanks! Yeah, we’ve had winters where we haven’t had any snow. This is really early! Hope it’s the last of the year! Lots of rain coming!

      2017/11/06 at 19:03

  5. Nice little vignette, Robin …

    2017/11/16 at 21:35

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