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Peanut Monster


Here’s one of our regular visitors. He comes in for his daily feed of Sunflower seed and peanuts. I believe he is probably a juvenile. Mum had a bunch of Kits this summer and I think this is one of them.


5 responses

  1. MerleP

    Cute and healthy looking little one. We have a bunch of black ones also. Great shot of it. What kind of tree is that one?

    2017/11/02 at 17:10

    • Merle, thank you! That is an Empress Tree!

      2017/11/03 at 18:17

      • MerleP

        Thanks. The bark didn’t look familiar.

        2017/11/08 at 16:43

  2. Ah, you have black squirrels … quite rare around here, and confined to local spots … Some around Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, and some around Battle Creek, I believe, in Southern Michigan.

    2017/11/16 at 21:32

    • D, thanks! Around here, I think they are dominant! I know they also have them in Windsor, Ont.

      2017/11/17 at 16:51

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