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Season of the ‘Shroom


With all the Pixies and Fairies about, there seems to be an abundance of Mushrooms. Maybe it’s just good weather for those FunGuys!


5 responses

  1. AHA! Mushrooms! Nice ones, Robin … Waxcaps, if I’m not mistaken (but don’t bet on it; I’m no fungi expert.).

    2017/10/28 at 20:39

    • D, thank you! My wife was trying to id them on the net and that’s what I said she should look for!

      2017/10/29 at 16:55

      • I’ve said quite recently: “Don’t put money on it; my knowledge of fungi is very shaky.”

        2017/10/29 at 21:25

      • D, Thanks! Yeah, I know what you mean! When it comes to Mushrooms, I wouldn’t eat anything from the wild!

        2017/11/02 at 16:52

      • The kind I get on Pizza is just right!!

        2017/11/02 at 16:53

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