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Red On Red


A Japanese Maple and a House Finch (Carpodacus mexicanus) both make for a pretty Autumn image.


5 responses

  1. A nice chance encounter, if chance it was, Robin.

    2017/10/06 at 07:21

    • D. thank you! It was chance in that I was waiting for someone to sit in that tree! I guess my message went out!

      2017/10/06 at 17:53

    • D, I wanted to write to you and ask, if you had heard from Adele Brand at all. I recently discovered that she has re-invented her blog, here on WordPress. Her address is:

      2017/10/08 at 15:49

      • Thanks, Robin, but she already found her way here, all by herself. Surprised me, she did, pleasantly. It’s good to hear from her again.

        2017/10/10 at 20:56

      • D, you’re most welcome!

        2017/10/11 at 17:25

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