My world in images



dramatic sky at sundown yesterday.


6 responses

  1. Theresa

    beautiful and calming, almost like a sea. hope you are well, robin!

    2017/08/25 at 04:46

    • T, Hi, nice to hear from you! Things are going great. We’ve had a great summer. Very dry! Doing lots of backyard birding! All the comforts of home! How’s things with you? I hope you’re well!

      2017/08/25 at 22:42

  2. Nice brushwork, Robin!

    2017/08/25 at 22:05

    • D, thanks! I’ve never seen clouds quite like them!

      2017/08/25 at 22:47

      • Waves in the atmosphere, Robin … in several layers. It usually indicates that something is going to happen.

        2017/08/26 at 09:40

      • D, thanks! Nothing happened, around here anyway!

        2017/08/27 at 14:41

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