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In the Shadow of the Forest


A old cabin along the edge of a patch of forest in deepest darkest Saskatchewan!


6 responses

  1. Nicely done, Robin!
    And I see that you’ve changed your format … interesting.

    2017/01/30 at 21:37

    • D, thank you! It was time for a change!

      2017/01/30 at 21:48

  2. love it. 🙂 good picture puzzle material. 🙂

    2017/01/31 at 04:36

    • Hi Theresa, nice to hear from you! Thank you! Are you a big fan of jigsaw puzzles? I am, and the family is! I haven’t done one for quite awhile. We used to live next to a lady who decorated her whole house with puzzles glued onto boards! Her whole house! Interesting to say the least!

      2017/01/31 at 15:24

      • fixed them as a kid for hours during wisconsin winters. 🙂 still love them. when my sis from wis visits, we set a big one up on the kitchen table, drink wine, and catch up on life while we fix them. 🙂

        2017/02/06 at 04:34

      • T, that’s a great way to catch up! Hope everything is good with you! We’re up to our ears in snow ☹️Not much fun!

        2017/02/06 at 10:09

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