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Good Fences #140


The sun sets on a nice horsey place in Langley.

The sun also sets on Good Fences.  This is the last one monitored by our friend Theresa!

Theresa, you will be dearly missed.  But like they say, “Onward and Upward!”  I wish you all the best in all your endeavours, which I know you will!

In the meantime, I’ll have to find another project to keep me amused.  I’ve taken photos all the way across the Canadian prairies, and back, and all the way through Washington, Idaho, Montana, and North Dakota.  I’ve had fun doing it and will probably continue to take fence photos, as I grown to like them!

So, Happy Trails and Good Fences to You Theresa!

Click the link and give Theresa and the Gang a look!  Last Chance!


10 responses

  1. bless you, my dear friend. my heart is filled with gratitude for your loyalty and links and visits all these year and the beauty you share of your/our world.

    2016/11/24 at 13:42

    • T, thank you! Make sure you send me a note once in awhile!

      2016/11/24 at 14:39

  2. rhiebert

    That’s a great picture.

    2016/11/24 at 17:04

    • Ruth, thank You!

      2016/11/24 at 18:26

  3. treadway

    What a grand view this is!

    2016/11/24 at 18:24

    • Treadway, thank you!

      2016/11/24 at 18:27

  4. There are some strange colour effects in that photo, Robin!

    2016/11/25 at 08:05

    • D, yes indeed! It was a difficult shot to process, being it’s right into the sun. It was underexposed in a major way and it’s kind of hard to remove from that.

      2016/11/25 at 11:28

  5. Been enjoying your blog for some time now, though I don’t comment often. I’m guessing you must be in Langley. Our daughter and the grandkids moved to Abbotsford in Sept., so we’re out here for our first visit. Was in Langley for the grandson’s gymnastics last night. Now that I’m getting to know the area, and will be back, I’ll enjoy your pix even more.

    2016/11/26 at 13:26

    • Furry, thank you and welcome! We’re in Aldergrove. How are you enjoying the rain! It’s certainly been a wet season, but then again, it usually is!

      2016/11/26 at 14:50

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