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Dream of Summer’s Past


A table of Daisies in a local Greenhouse, reminded me of our own this past summer.  I do like Daisies!


7 responses

  1. rhiebert

    Whether in a greenhouse or in a garden,Daisies will always remind me of Jake.He loved them and would not cut a single plant down, even on the lawn.You can imagine what our lawn looked like in summer.

    2016/11/18 at 18:40

    • Ruth, lol, I know, I feel the same way! Specially like the big Shasta daisies!

      2016/11/18 at 19:01

  2. lovely, indeed.

    2016/11/19 at 05:06

    • T, thank you!

      2016/11/19 at 12:58

      • i will miss you, too. very much.

        2016/11/20 at 09:11

  3. Daisies have an odd combination of formality of structure and simple, sprightly gaiety of mood … it’s nice.

    2016/11/19 at 07:41

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