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Good Fences 139


A little piece of property in Langley that probably has a horse or two, and a variety of fences.  It was a pretty scene, so here it is,

Just in time for Good Fences Day.

Click on over and have a look!

14 responses

  1. Hello, it is a cute little building. I love colorful trees. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the week ahead!

    2016/11/17 at 12:50

    • Eileen, thank you! Here’s to a great week!

      2016/11/17 at 13:15

  2. Perfect for Fences ~ gorgeous photo! ~ thanks.

    Wishing you a peaceful weekend ~ ^_^

    2016/11/17 at 13:48

    • Thank you! You too!

      2016/11/17 at 17:32

  3. treadway

    It really is a beautiful scene!

    2016/11/17 at 14:38

    • Treadway, thank you!

      2016/11/17 at 17:32

  4. it’s very beautiful!

    2016/11/17 at 15:51

  5. rhiebert

    That is a very pretty scene, just waiting to be photographed.Great shot Robin.

    2016/11/17 at 18:41

    • Ruth, thank you!

      2016/11/17 at 19:25

  6. ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®©

    Lovely fall photograph, Robin!

    2016/11/18 at 10:10

  7. I agree, that is a pretty scene for sure.

    2016/11/18 at 18:07

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