My world in images

Former Glory


The days that once were


7 responses

  1. Vicki

    sad that for the most part, these lovely old places are gone.

    2016/11/13 at 17:22

    • Vicki, yes indeed. Thank you!

      2016/11/13 at 17:26

  2. sweet old weathering.

    2016/11/13 at 18:10

    • T, yeah, gets us all in the end!

      2016/11/13 at 18:14

      • if we’re lucky, i guess. 🙂

        2016/11/14 at 15:41

  3. rhiebert

    I always wonder what those walls would tell us if they could speak.Surely they have great stories to share.

    2016/11/13 at 19:16

    • Ruth, that’s funny, cause I always think that too!

      2016/11/13 at 20:11

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