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A Break in the Storm


On Friday, we had this dramatic scene at the front of our house as the sun went down.  The break in the clouds really accentuated the remaining clouds.

8 responses

  1. a huge dark curtain.

    2016/11/06 at 17:50

    • T, it was! It was pretty ominous! But then didn’t amount to anything!

      2016/11/06 at 17:56

  2. rhiebert

    WOW!! I love scene like that.

    2016/11/06 at 18:04

    • Ruth, me too! It was really dramatic! But did turn into anything! Thank you!

      2016/11/06 at 18:06

  3. Wow what a scene… 🙂

    2016/11/06 at 21:13

    • Thank you! It was a sight!

      2016/11/06 at 22:09

  4. gwenniesgardenworld

    scary but beautiful picture !

    2016/11/06 at 23:55

    • Gwennie, thanks! It was!

      2016/11/07 at 00:43

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