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A Gathering Storm


A storm moving in over the Golden Ears Mountains as seen from Abbotsford, B.C.

9 responses

  1. rhiebert

    The dark sky makes for a gorgeous picture.

    2016/11/04 at 19:45

    • Ruth, thank you! It was pretty dramatic!

      2016/11/04 at 20:44

  2. how pretty. and golden ears made me smile again. 🙂

    2016/11/05 at 05:49

    • T, yeah, now you’ve got me doing it! I can’t help but take photos of it. It’s so beautiful! Thanks!

      2016/11/05 at 13:40

  3. Vicki

    a beautiful photograph. we had these clouds on Vancouver Island yesterday as well.

    2016/11/05 at 08:32

    • Vickie, thank you! Rain today! No mountains!

      2016/11/05 at 13:41

      • Vicki

        yes here too.. pouring rain all night but a gentler rain today..

        2016/11/05 at 13:52

  4. MerleP

    Excellent portrayal of coming weather. Nice.

    2017/11/08 at 16:39

    • Merle, Thank you!

      2017/11/08 at 17:51

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