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Good Fences #137


A nice sight of the Fraser River through the trees at Fort Langley.

Today’s Good Fences Day.  Click on over and have a look!

14 responses

  1. Hello, this is beautiful! I like the peek at the river and the fall leaves. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and weekend ahead!

    2016/11/03 at 12:17

    • Eileen, thank you! You too!

      2016/11/03 at 13:06

  2. Nice one, Robin … you’re really on a roll, lately, aren’t you?

    2016/11/03 at 12:54

    • D, thank you! I’d like to think so! Wouldn’t want to think I was getting worse at what I’m doing! It’s funny, when I look at my older photos, I can’t say I’m pleased!

      2016/11/03 at 13:08

      • Yes, you’re getting better and it shows, especially in your post-exposure work. Your natural sense of composition has always been good.

        2016/11/03 at 20:55

      • D, thank you! I do appreciate your comments!

        2016/11/03 at 20:56

  3. A very pretty area that looks as tho it needs this fence.Visitor might fall in.

    2016/11/03 at 15:27

    • LaVoice, yes indeed, there’s nothing between the fence and the river!

      2016/11/03 at 19:06

  4. how gorgeous! the tree’s leaves like beads of jewelry.

    2016/11/03 at 16:00

    • T, thank you! They are always so nice this time of year!

      2016/11/03 at 19:07

  5. This is so pretty. I love how you’ve shot this through the leaves.

    2016/11/03 at 16:20

  6. rhiebert

    Amazing picture.

    2016/11/03 at 17:44

    • Ruth, thank you!

      2016/11/03 at 19:08

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