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Fall Colour


Hope I’m not boring anyone with the Fall theme, but I think that Autumn is a photographers best friend. I take in as much of this colour as I can before the winter Blah’s decend. On the coast Blah is the word!  These colours come from Brydon Lagoon in Langley

8 responses

  1. Excellent shot, and expresses “Autumn” with economy of means.

    2016/10/24 at 20:20

    • D, thanks! Just what I had in mind!

      2016/10/24 at 21:08

  2. absolutely not. just gorgeous!

    2016/10/25 at 04:40

  3. rhiebert

    Oh no,I am definitely not tired of the fall color.Bring it on.Our color is gone around here’s this brightens my day.

    2016/10/25 at 18:18

    • Ruth, thank you! Ours is just about done too!

      2016/10/25 at 19:24

  4. Nice! 😊

    2016/10/26 at 17:49

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