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Good Fences 135


Where there’s a barn, there’s usually lots of fences.  This one didn’t disappoint.  It even threw in some Autumn colour to please!

Good fences Day #135 today, drop on over and have a look!


8 responses

  1. very sweet scene!

    2016/10/20 at 14:43

    • T, thank you! Couldn’t find any corn for you!

      2016/10/20 at 16:16

  2. rhiebert

    A picture like this makes me think of at least two things.It should be on a calendar or be made into a jigsaw puzzle.

    2016/10/20 at 19:05

    • Ruth, thank you! It came out a little softer than I usually go for but then I liked it too!

      2016/10/20 at 19:54

  3. paulinew

    A fence within a fence! And a very pretty scene.

    2016/10/22 at 13:32

    • Pauline, thank you!

      2016/10/22 at 16:58

  4. Perfectly lovely. You found a great barn, good fences and wonderful fall color to share here.

    2016/10/24 at 11:17

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