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Good Fences #134


In the area we live, there are lots of horse farms.  Horse farms have lots of fences.  This is one of them.  I love this bright Autumn tree.  Fence needs a little work, but there’s lots of them!

Good Fences day today.  Drop by there’s lots of nice photos from around the world!


8 responses

  1. that’s pretty! i like horse farms/fencing, too!

    2016/10/13 at 15:56

    • T, thank you! There’s lots of that around here!

      2016/10/13 at 19:45

  2. rhiebert

    I sure am glad I don’t have to paint that fence.The tree and fence make a good looking picture.

    2016/10/13 at 16:59

    • Ruth, thank you! I thought so too!

      2016/10/13 at 19:46

  3. if they need work it just makes them look more rustic. pretty scene.

    2016/10/13 at 19:41

    • Felicia, LOL, I think you’re right! Thanks!

      2016/10/13 at 19:47

  4. Nothing a little paint job couldn’t pretty up and with that lovely Autumn tree I’m not even sure one would notice the need for paint on the fence.

    2016/10/19 at 12:43

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