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Good Fences #133


Here’s the Badlands of Alberta, Canada.  Near Drumheller.  This area is a ever changing vista of Natures power of erosion.

I also thought this was a good fence.  Wouldn’t to be going over that edge!

Good Fences Day #133


16 responses

  1. yes that is a very good fence Robin. Kinda looks like the badlands in South Dakota.

    2016/10/06 at 18:27

    • Felicia, thank you! I think it’s a long band of badlands that runs from Alberta and down through N & S Dakota!

      2016/10/06 at 18:56

  2. Jim

    Good badlands. 🙂

    2016/10/06 at 19:29

  3. Very interesting shot, Robin!

    2016/10/06 at 21:06

  4. interesting! almost looks like mushrooms in that erosion. 🙂 good fence, for sure.

    2016/10/07 at 04:20

    • T, thank you! It’s different wherever you look!

      2016/10/07 at 12:40

  5. Hello, it is a gorgeous landscape from the Badlands. Happy Friday, have a happy weekend!

    2016/10/07 at 05:02

    • Eileen, thank you! Hope you have a nice one too!

      2016/10/07 at 12:41

  6. rhiebert

    That’s a super shot.Layer after layer of color and texture.

    2016/10/07 at 11:57

    • Ruth, thanks you! It’s quite amazing! All the natural colours! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! We all have so much to be thankful for!

      2016/10/07 at 12:43

  7. I didn’t know that there was badlands in Canada.

    2016/10/07 at 12:59

    • Dian, indeed, there is! It’s quite extensive in and around Drumheller in Alberta. There is a quite notes Dinosaur museum there. The Tyrell. Museum. They have discovered numerous fossils throughout the area. There’s even some amazing HooDoos!

      2016/10/07 at 13:03

  8. What a cool looking place. Loved seeing this fence and the badlands.

    2016/10/12 at 12:28

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