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A Coal ship loading at Roberts Bank in Delta


10 responses

  1. i’m sort of surprised coal is still utilized like it is.

    2016/10/05 at 04:21

    • T, there’s a huge market for coal in China. I think a lot of ours goes there!

      2016/10/05 at 10:28

      • That’s a fact. Our sales are profit-driven, and not very long-term profit, either. And we wonder why some people think Donald Trump is a great man.

        2016/10/05 at 11:10

      • D, exactly!

        2016/10/05 at 11:12

  2. Nice industrial shot, Robin!

    2016/10/05 at 11:11

  3. Appears the ship has banged a few port pilings!

    2016/10/05 at 15:33

    • Andy, it does look a little rough, doesn’t it!

      2016/10/05 at 17:39

  4. rhiebert

    Interesting picture.This is certainly a scene I don’t see where I live.

    2016/10/05 at 17:36

    • Ruth, I’d be pretty surprised if you did! Thank you!

      2016/10/05 at 17:40

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