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Coming Down the Line


A CPR train rolling southbound into Huntingdon, in Abbotsford.  This black & white shot made with a yellow filter to bring out the ruggedness of the mountains, without which they faded away into the background.  I like this version best!


10 responses

  1. Totally beautiful.

    2016/09/27 at 18:43

    • Felicia, thank you again!

      2016/09/27 at 18:44

  2. that’s really awesome! nice processing!

    2016/09/28 at 04:45

  3. Excellent editing, Robin … But B&W? I detect hints of colours.

    2016/09/28 at 07:14

    • D, thanks! We it was B&W with a yellow filter which brought the slight trace of colour! I thought it was quite nice!

      2016/09/29 at 18:20

      • It IS quite nice; my confusion is due to my old film thinking: I thought you meant that you set the camera up for B&W, then shot through a yellow filter.

        2016/09/29 at 20:33

      • D, I still find myself thinking in those terms too! The editing tools available today are incredible. One can make something look completely different than it is or would be recognized! I’m currently playing with the new Aurora program by McPhun. Designed for the Mac. The new version just released yesterday. It’s utterly magical what it will do for a photo!

        2016/09/30 at 16:00

  4. rhiebert

    Beautiful! The effect on the mountains is stunning.

    2016/09/28 at 08:08

    • Ruth, thank you! I think they were the
      impetus behind the whole shot. We don’t often get them that clear. Usually hazy!

      2016/09/29 at 18:18

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