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Good Fences #131


When one has a nice view, it’s always nice to put a fence in front of it.  Especially on

Good Fences Day.  This shot was taken last week and the fall colours have advanced a bit since then.  It’s always nice to see the change in seasons, don’t you think!

10 responses

  1. wow, that’s gorgeous.

    2016/09/22 at 16:39

    • T, it was a nice scene! Thank you!

      2016/09/22 at 19:26

  2. rhiebert


    2016/09/22 at 19:47

    • Ruth, thank you!

      2016/09/22 at 19:50

  3. That is just a gorgeous scene beyond the fence. Love it.

    2016/09/26 at 19:38

  4. Wow what a feast for the eyes.

    2016/09/27 at 18:42

    • Felicia, thank you!

      2016/09/27 at 18:43

  5. Another Calendar page, Robin!

    2016/09/28 at 07:22

    • D, thanks so much! I appreciate your comments!

      2016/09/29 at 18:19

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