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Missed the Train


Too late to see the train headed northbound from Huntingdon, in Abbotsford, B.C.  The Golden Ears Mountains are in the background.


6 responses

  1. it’s a beautiful shot, though.

    2016/09/17 at 06:16

    • T, thanks! So many things there that can throw of the angles! Poles going in different directions and tracks doing the same!

      2016/09/17 at 16:25

  2. Nice one, Robin … but your right arm is too strong.

    2016/09/17 at 08:39

    • D, thanks! You could be right! I have more trouble with that! Even using the in-camera level! Must be the strong right side!

      2016/09/17 at 16:23

  3. rhiebert

    What a maze of tracks!

    2016/09/17 at 18:57

    • Ruth, thank you! It seems to be a spider web!

      2016/09/18 at 15:21

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