My world in images



After an afternoon of Thunder and heavy rain, as the sun went down the storm began to break up.  To the south the thunderheads were illuminated by the sun’s golden rays.  Overhead the cloudage was more dramatic, with heavy black clouds.


8 responses

  1. rhiebert

    That is quite a dramatic sky and oh so beautiful.

    2016/09/03 at 19:23

    • Ruth, it was really something! Neither one of us could say we’d seen anything quite like it!

      2016/09/03 at 19:37

  2. i just love your new word. 🙂 love this photo, too.

    2016/09/04 at 06:52

    • T, lol, that was just for you! Thank you!

      2016/09/04 at 13:15

  3. WoW!!! how amazing, so much beauty in just one image!!! gorgeous colors!!!

    2016/09/04 at 07:42

    • Purple, thank you!

      2016/09/04 at 13:15

  4. WOW! … just plain WOW!

    2016/09/04 at 09:59

    • D, thank you! That’s what I thought too!

      2016/09/04 at 13:16

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