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Good Fences # 128


My post for Good Fences this week.  It’s not much of a fence but everything else is pretty nice, I think!

Good Fences day today.  Click on over and have a look!


14 responses

  1. color, ‘cloudage’ – yes! 🙂

    2016/09/01 at 16:42

    • T, thank you! Thought you’d like that!

      2016/09/01 at 19:19

  2. looks like a pretty good fence to me Robin. Beautiful view.

    2016/09/01 at 19:24

    • Felicia, yeah, it was pretty good! Thank you!

      2016/09/01 at 19:28

  3. rhiebert

    Another gorgeous calendar scene,or perhaps a jigsaw puzzle.

    2016/09/01 at 20:04

  4. It looks like a nice, strong fence. The background scenery is breath-taking!

    2016/09/01 at 20:59

  5. I see the fence, YES! But how beautiful is the rest of your photo. So nice. The building and the clouds. A pleasure to see.

    2016/09/01 at 23:17

    • Thank you very much!

      2016/09/01 at 23:21

  6. Another calendar, Robin!

    2016/09/03 at 07:50

  7. I like it. The hint of red in the fencing matches that red barn.

    2016/09/03 at 12:45

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