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Picking Time


Picking Blueberries on a hot August afternoon


7 responses

  1. that looks interesting!

    2016/08/17 at 17:41

    • T, they are quite the deal. Go down a row of berries and all those fingers shake the heck of of bush and all the berries fall onto a conveyer that catches the berries!

      2016/08/17 at 20:02

      • so glad you explained what happens. i was trying to figure it out.

        2016/08/18 at 04:34

      • T, It’s pretty neat! One would think it damaged the plants, but apparently not! They also use these machines for picking Raspberries!

        2016/08/18 at 12:02

    • T, thanks! They are an interesting invention!

      2016/08/17 at 20:03

  2. Now that looks interesting.Is the picking done mechanically?

    2016/08/17 at 19:45

    • Ruth, the fingers you see inside shake the bushes and the berries fall on a conveyer that feeds those purple baskets. It give the bushes quite a good shake!

      2016/08/17 at 20:05

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