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Here’s some Phlox in our garden.  I generally try to present flowers as I find them.  Without to much change from the natural.  This Phlox however seemed to take very well to this vintage filter, softening the background.


6 responses

  1. truly gorgeous.

    2016/08/10 at 04:26

    • T, thanks! I was pleased with it!

      2016/08/10 at 17:56

  2. Your instincts were right … wonderful atmosphere.

    2016/08/10 at 08:45

    • D, thanks very much!

      2016/08/10 at 17:56

  3. rhiebert

    However you took the photo or added to it,it is just beautiful.

    2016/08/10 at 10:36

    • Ruth, thank you so much!

      2016/08/10 at 17:57

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