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Good Fences #122


It’s Good Fences Thursday.  I thought this was a great fence.  It keeps the rocks from falling on the cars below.  I think that’s a good thing.  Just glad I didn’t have to build it!!


14 responses

  1. Ellen

    Oh my, I wouldn’t have wanted to build that fence, either.

    2016/07/21 at 15:32

  2. rhiebert

    Yes,that fence is good,but it certainly would never have happened if I had to build it.

    2016/07/21 at 18:55

    • Ruth, me neither!

      2016/07/21 at 18:59

  3. holy smokes!

    2016/07/22 at 04:38

    • T, yeah, that’s what I thought!

      2016/07/22 at 13:47

  4. I would not want to be anywhere near this area.

    2016/07/22 at 08:39

    • LaVoice, it’s an interesting place!

      2016/07/22 at 13:48

  5. That’s some formation, Robin … and the fence is something else!

    2016/07/23 at 20:40

    • D, thanks! The cliffs along that area are something to see!

      2016/07/23 at 20:59

      • Somewhat intimidating, especially if one is on that road!

        2016/07/26 at 07:36

      • Yes indeed. One drives right along the bottom of them!

        2016/07/26 at 13:26

  6. Oh yes those are very important fences. Quite the rock formation. I’m curious as to where this was taken, it looks familiar.

    2016/07/25 at 09:42

    • Ida, thanks! It was taken east of Wenatchee, Washington along highway 2.

      2016/07/25 at 13:03

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