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Good Fences #121


Here it is, laid out in neat lines.  First the corn, not yet up to an elephants eye, next the pretty Sunflowers, then the fence and last a field of BlueBerries.

Is there anything nicer than Sunflowers!  And, look at all those ripe BlueBerries.  Yum!

A great shot for Good Fences Day, I think!


6 responses

  1. Well it grows so well together. What a great shot.

    2016/07/14 at 21:22

  2. beautiful image. i love sunflowers.

    2016/07/15 at 08:42

    • Felicia, thank you!

      2016/07/15 at 12:22

  3. lovely line-up. 🙂

    2016/07/15 at 13:23

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