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Good Fences #118


As the sun set these cows were highlighted against the deep blue eastern sky.  Lots of big skies in North Dakota too!  And lots of range fences like this one that go on for miles and miles.

It’s Good Fences day.  Drop on over and have a look!


6 responses

  1. oh, that’s beautiful. second lovely ‘horizon fence’ that got linked today. check out pauline from nz for another. 🙂

    2016/06/23 at 16:43

    • T, thanks, and I will do that!

      2016/06/23 at 17:42

  2. Very pretty scene. It does look as if you can see for miles.

    2016/06/23 at 21:23

    • Ida, just over that hill you can see for miles. Thank you!

      2016/06/23 at 21:43

  3. rhiebert

    That is a GREAT shot.

    2016/06/24 at 12:56

    • Ruth, thank you!

      2016/06/24 at 14:20

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