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Wonderful Washington


On the road through Apple and Grape country in Washington, USA.  This scene with it’s fantastic rock promontories is just east of Wenatchee.  At the bottom of the hill on the left is an Apple orchard and on the right are grape vines.


7 responses

  1. it is impressive. i am glad you were on a road trip. thought of you and hoped all was well.

    thank you for your kind comment on zim. it’s been a rough few months…

    2016/06/11 at 18:27

    • T, I had meant to send you an email, but in all the hubbub it complete slipped though my mind! Geez, seems I forget what I went into the next room for! Every time I saw a neat fence I was taking photos, which amounted to 3000 shots! Lots for the old blogs!

      2016/06/11 at 18:36

      • yay. 🙂 looking forward to your shares.

        2016/06/12 at 14:27

  2. rhiebert

    Beautiful scene.

    2016/06/11 at 19:53

    • Ruth, thank you! We have never been that way before and were really impressed with the landscape!

      2016/06/11 at 19:56

  3. Really impressive shot, Robin … beautifully composed.

    2016/06/15 at 10:17

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