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Good Fences #113


Here’s a nice bucolic scene, with the cows in the front yard eating the lush green grass.

Must be a treat after a long winter!

A decent fence to boot.  Cause it’s Good Fences day.  Click on over and have a look!


10 responses

  1. lovely scene! bucolic, indeed!

    2016/05/19 at 16:57

    • T, thanks! Love all that green!

      2016/05/19 at 17:04

  2. rhiebert

    My first thought was,that would be a great picture for a jigsaw puzzle.It’s certainly a lovely shot.

    2016/05/19 at 19:29

  3. Lovely scene. I do declare that bovine seems to be checking you out behind that fence.

    2016/05/19 at 22:04

    • Ida, I think you are right! Curious sorts aren’t they! Thanks!

      2016/05/19 at 23:11

  4. Thanks Robin. What a beautiful, rural picture. The barns are really special. Is not it cold in it winter? It seems like they are not isolated. Here the cows are so happy they can pasture again in the meadows. They “jump” so happy in the beginning. The fence are great. Happy Friday!

    2016/05/20 at 01:05

    • Jedidja, thank you! It is usually mild here in the winter!

      2016/05/20 at 10:35

  5. Very nice area. I like the country look. Also, there was definitely an eye on you.

    2016/05/20 at 07:14

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