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Great Bear


Here’s the Great Bear snowshed on the Coquihalla highway in B.C.  The clouds are often down to the highway!


6 responses

  1. snowshed – so it holds snow back from the highway?

    2016/04/30 at 05:36

    • T, sorry, i was going to explain that and forgot! It’s built in an avalanche area, so its built so the snow goes over the road instead of onto it. Lots of avalanches in that area and they get a huge amount of snow.

      2016/04/30 at 11:51

      • very cool.

        2016/04/30 at 19:30

      • T, there’s a few of them around! Some these places get an incridible amount of snow!

        2016/04/30 at 20:48

  2. itsallaboutpurple

    such a great image!! how fun to see the bears over the tunnel!!

    2016/04/30 at 08:31

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