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Good Fences # 106


It’s Good Fences day.  This is definitely not much of a fence, but I guess it does the job.  There’s some cows just out of shot.  I really like the colours in this old barn.

Linked to:  Good Fences # 106


8 responses

  1. pretty old barn and nice pine, too.

    2016/03/31 at 17:35

  2. A perfect barn and fencing setting for today. Nice countryside.

    2016/03/31 at 18:09

  3. It might not be much of a fence but who cares when you have a neat little barn like that to look at behind it.

    2016/03/31 at 19:15

    • Ida, thanks! That’s what I thought too!

      2016/03/31 at 20:06

  4. that is a great barn! love those colors too!

    2016/03/31 at 19:29

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