My world in images

For Pat


I post these lovely Autumn flowers in memory of my

dear blogging friend Pat Bailey, who passed away yesterday.

Pat, I will miss you and wish you God’s speed.

Rick, you are in my thoughts and I wish you peace of mind in this next part of your journey.

Bailey Road


8 responses

  1. Sad news indeed. Left a comment on their blog.

    2015/11/06 at 17:15

  2. beautiful. so sad though

    2015/11/06 at 18:59

    • Felicia, yes indeed. Thanks!

      2015/11/06 at 19:12

  3. my heart breaks for rick, and i miss pat. bless you, robin.

    2015/11/07 at 04:44

    • T, thank you! I miss her too!

      2015/11/07 at 15:14

  4. This was so nice of you. I never met Pat in person but I felt I knew her through her blog and she was always so faithful to visit others blogs. She will indeed be missed.

    2015/11/07 at 19:42

    • Ida, thank you! I never met her either, but one seems to be able to have a nice relationship with people on the blog!

      2015/11/07 at 21:03

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