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Mt. Baker


Mt. Baker sits proudly in northern Washington State.  It is also a grand sight for most of the south western part of British Columbia.


6 responses

  1. lovely view you have!

    2015/10/17 at 12:26

    • T, thanks!fall is such a great time!

      2015/10/17 at 17:01

  2. Mt. Baker is such an amazing place to hike and get to know yourself a bit better.

    2015/10/17 at 12:44

    • Charlie, we’ve lived in her shadow for 40 years and have never been up close! It’s on the list!

      2015/10/17 at 17:03

  3. Great image… from the fence line to the forest to the mountain to the sky!

    2015/10/18 at 11:09

    • Spry, thank you! That’s what I was thinking of!

      2015/10/18 at 14:46

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