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Layers of colour in an Abbotsford farmers field.

Seeing it’s Good Fences day, the fence takes centre stage holding up the remains of the summer’s Sunflowers,  then we have the bright red from the BlueBerry bushes, and then the trees.

Linked to Good Fences.  Click on over and say Hi!


6 responses

  1. how nice!

    2015/10/15 at 18:23

    • T, thanks! All the colour got me!

      2015/10/15 at 19:24

  2. Gorgeous colours

    2015/10/15 at 23:31

    • Margaret, thank you!

      2015/10/16 at 00:30

  3. Gorgeous colors and a great fence find! Happy weekend!

    2015/10/16 at 05:30

    • Eileen, thank you!

      2015/10/16 at 14:15

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