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Good Fences #77

white horse

Every Good Fence should have a pretty white horse behind it!

Shared with Good Fences.  Click the above link!


10 responses

  1. what a beauty!

    2015/09/10 at 18:54

    • T, yes, a very pretty horse!

      2015/09/10 at 19:58

  2. Good morning, cute horse and a great fence shot. Happy Friday, have a great weekend!

    2015/09/11 at 03:29

    • Eileen, thank you, you too!

      2015/09/11 at 14:10

  3. Indeed, there should be an amazing horse just on the other side of every fence…Love your story and image.

    2015/09/11 at 13:55

    • Charlie, thanks!

      2015/09/11 at 14:11

  4. That is a nice looking horse behind that fence. Great shot.

    2015/09/11 at 19:24

    • Ida, it was very pretty! Thanks!

      2015/09/11 at 20:01

  5. I have to agree with you on that one! What a lovely horse.

    2015/09/11 at 22:54

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