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Good Fences #75


Nothing better than a sturdy fence around a pretty red barn.

The sky is quit grey with the smoke from Washington State forest fires, which have us all living in a smokey cloud!  Rain this weekend!  Hopefully it will wash all the smoke out of the sky!

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10 responses

  1. Great red barn and the weathered fencing, pretty green trees and lovely grasses add to the charm of the whole scene.

    2015/08/27 at 16:42

    • Ida, I thought it was pretty! Thank you!

      2015/08/27 at 20:20

  2. hoping the whole region gets rain to help with those fires!

    that’s a lovely place. love the spruce trees.

    2015/08/27 at 16:57

    • T, thanks! I’m looking forward to a good rain! It’s been very dry here since May!

      2015/08/27 at 20:21

  3. Paula

    Beautiful barn and hope you get the rain you need to wash the smoke away.

    2015/08/27 at 17:47

    • Paula, thank you! I hope so too! We really need it!

      2015/08/27 at 20:22

  4. Hope the rain washes the smoke away and freshens up the air. Nice shot!

    2015/08/27 at 21:59

    • Stephanie, me too! Thanks!

      2015/08/27 at 22:06

  5. Pretty shot, I love the red barn! I hope the rain comes! Enjoy your day and happy weekend!

    2015/08/28 at 02:19

    • Eileen, Thanks! I think the rain will come. It’s forecast for heavy rain all weekend. We’ll get a whole summers rain in one storm! It’s always feast or famine!

      2015/08/28 at 16:08

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