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Mountain Monday


Storm Clouds gather against the mountains west of Field, B.C.


10 responses

  1. Very dramatic landscape and sky. Beautiful.

    2015/08/24 at 18:09

  2. Kicking Horse Pass and Field has to be one of my favourite ‘most spectacular’ places. My grandfather was a preacher there about 1900. We camped there in ’86.

    2015/08/25 at 06:21

    • Furry, it’s a beautiful spot alright! Certainly one of the highlights on trip through the area!

      2015/08/25 at 16:30

  3. very nice.

    2015/08/25 at 16:39

  4. Stunning shot and very ominous looking clouds.

    2015/08/26 at 11:57

  5. Absolutely stunning image! What a mood it sets!

    2015/08/31 at 09:02

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