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Good Fences #73


Here’s something a bit unusual.  My fence this week runs along the side of this overpass.

This overpass is in Banff National Park and it’s designed for animals.  So there is not only fences along the overpass but trees as well.  There are a number of these overpasses.  They have cut down on road kill in the park which has a large population of animals, including Bison, Moose, Deer, Bear, etc.  Three cheers to Parks Canada for this innovation to save our animals!

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14 responses

  1. That’s really interesting and very useful too

    2015/08/13 at 16:25

    • Bruce, thanks! Yes, it’s quite innovative!

      2015/08/13 at 17:16

  2. what a great effort! i like that idea!

    2015/08/13 at 16:39

    • T, thanks! They work quite well too! Coming home we saw a bear on one! They also have some that go under the highway!

      2015/08/13 at 17:18

  3. That is so cool looking. I’ve heard about places like this that help to protect the wild life from being killed on the roads. Saves humans as well.

    2015/08/13 at 17:28

  4. Lea


    2015/08/13 at 17:41

  5. They are called wildlife crossings and it is definitely one of the greatest engineering feats. It saves animals and human lives by preventing them from entering moving traffic.

    2015/08/13 at 19:28

  6. That is a very impressive build for an animal pass. Great photo.

    2015/08/14 at 00:54

  7. Good idea for the animals.

    2015/08/14 at 08:10

    • Margaret, that’s for sure! Thanks!

      2015/08/14 at 08:23

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