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Sweet Nectar


A Rufous Hummingbird enjoying the nectar of the Turtlehead flowers


25 responses

  1. wow, robin! this is a fabulous shot!!!

    2015/08/07 at 17:59

    • T, thanks so much!

      2015/08/07 at 18:57

  2. Good job on this one too!

    2015/08/07 at 18:21

    • Andy, thank you!

      2015/08/07 at 18:57

  3. Pat

    What a wonderful shot! Just perfect.

    2015/08/07 at 20:50

  4. very nice BIF capture! glad to see that they are still here in BC! 🙂

    2015/08/08 at 19:20

    • W.H., thanks! We have a small population that visit us! I love to see them!

      2015/08/08 at 19:30

      • me, too! although this year, the Anna’s males seem to be much feistier than the Rufous males.

        I recall seeing the last Rufous leaving our backyard on August 15 last year … so we may have them for one more week! 🙂

        2015/08/08 at 19:43

      • Ours have stayed all summer. They usual leave around this time. We had an Anna’s stay with us all winter for the last two years! Being so small and venerable I don’t know how they manage.

        2015/08/08 at 20:00

      • the Anna’s are all year round residents (like the Black-Capped Chickadees). they can put up with our “long, cold” Vancouver winters 🙂 because they are able to drop into a state of torpor deeper than any other species of hummingbird (plus we make sure the nectar feeder is well stocked in the fall and winter!) 🙂

        2015/08/08 at 20:03

      • They are amazing little birds! My favourites for sure! We have quite a crop of Chickadees this year, along with all kinds of Goldfinches and their fledglings. Such fun to watch them learning to fly without bumping into things!

        2015/08/08 at 20:13

      • it is cool to see the next generation grow up before our eyes 🙂 we usually have a small family of Chestnut-Backed Chickadees show up in late spring.

        Goldfinches! I envy you! I have only seen a pair a handful of times in the backyard this summer, and not for lack of nyjer or sunflower seeds! 🙂

        2015/08/08 at 20:17

      • I’ve only seen one Chestnut, but it’s a regular visitor. It’s hanging out with the Black-capped.
        The male Goldie’s are looking a bit ragged right now. There colours are fading a bit.

        2015/08/08 at 20:23

      • I find the Chestnuts to be quite localized to the coastlines (not like the Black-Capped Chickadees, who seem to be everywhere).

        the Goldies should be in their transitional plumage and going through their moults now … baby-making season being over for the year. 🙂

        2015/08/08 at 20:25

      • I’ve only ever seen the one Chestnut. We’re in Aldergrove, so don’t know it that’s the outer limit! They’re fun to try to shoot, got to be quick though!

        2015/08/08 at 20:29

      • or find one who is very, very comfortable around the lens. usually it’s a YASJ, but I scored with one of the adults, too. must recognize me from somewhere. 🙂

        2015/08/08 at 20:30

      • They aren’t bothered with us being in our yard. Just flit out, grab a seed and head into the trees! I can watch them all day long!

        2015/08/08 at 20:36

      • me, too. there’s something highly therapeutic about watching the little birds go about their daily business. 🙂

        2015/08/08 at 20:37

      • Yes, you’re right about that! We feed all year, so there’s always a group of one kind or another!

        2015/08/08 at 20:41

      • can’t wait for the fall birds to come back … Varied Thrushes, Fox Sparrows, Dark-Eyed Juncos. even the Downies and Northern Flickers have only been putting in cameos this summer. 🙂

        2015/08/08 at 20:50

      • I haven’t seen any Flickers lately. They are regular visitors around here. The Junco will be back soon!
        I have always looked forward to Fall and its bounty of birds.

        2015/08/08 at 20:56

      • agreed! summer has its share of colourful birds, but boy, does one have to be eagle-eyed and patient to spot the flycatchers and warblers! 🙂

        2015/08/08 at 21:04

      • Yes indeed, it can be a challenge! But I guess it wouldn’t be as much fun if it was always easy!

        2015/08/08 at 21:07

      • very true! 🙂

        2015/08/08 at 21:07

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