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Good Fences #71


Here’s two great fences.  They stop people from falling in the river as they cross this suspension bridge!

The bridge doesn’t look like it goes anywhere, but there is a nice hiking trail a few steps down off the bridge.

Shared with:  Good Fences # 71  Stop by and check it out!


12 responses

  1. that’s a neat perspective!

    2015/07/30 at 16:37

  2. Pat

    Did you cross this bridge? Scary-looking to me.

    2015/07/30 at 18:25

    • Pat, yes, we all went across! It was surprisingly good!

      2015/07/30 at 19:26

  3. What a great angle on this bridge and it’s fencing. I’d be most thankful if I decided to cross that bridge to have the fencing there like that although I’d probably be “chicken” still about going over it.

    2015/07/30 at 20:44

    • Ida, thanks! I felt that way too!

      2015/07/30 at 21:13

  4. love the perspective that you took this image from. Marvellous shot

    2015/07/31 at 00:59

    • Margaret, thank you!

      2015/07/31 at 11:51

  5. That is a cool looking bridge, great shot.

    2015/07/31 at 06:11

  6. Home run this photo!

    2015/07/31 at 18:33

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