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An Oil pump out on the Canadian prairie, cattle country.  A special fence was designed to keep the cattle out of the machinery, as they are prone to rub against things if not fenced out.

Linked to:  Good Fences # 70!  Wow, 70!


10 responses

  1. great shot. 🙂

    2015/07/23 at 16:56

    • T, thanks! I thought of you when I saw the fence round the pump!

      2015/07/23 at 19:23

  2. Gorgeous landscape, prairie. Looks like fence posts in the distance, too. Nice shot.

    2015/07/23 at 20:40

    • Patti, thank you!

      2015/07/23 at 21:13

  3. beautiful scene

    2015/07/24 at 01:05

    • Margaret, thank you!

      2015/07/24 at 15:07

  4. What a great fence find. It’s interesting to learn that they put up the fence to keep the cattle away from the machinery. Makes very good sense.

    2015/07/24 at 08:45

  5. Pat

    Great find. It looks like it would do the job.

    2015/07/24 at 19:36

    • Pat, yes indeed! There s lots of them out there! Thanks!

      2015/07/24 at 20:15

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