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All fenced up against the wind, snow, coyotes, and keeping stock where it’s safe.

Shared with:  Good Fences # 69


16 responses

  1. pretty awesome stockade fencing!

    2015/07/16 at 15:21

    • T, thanks! Seems to be lots of it around!

      2015/07/16 at 18:03

  2. For sure Good Fences. I liked this.

    2015/07/16 at 16:37

    • Carol Ann, thank you!

      2015/07/16 at 18:03

  3. Pat

    That’s a lot of Stockdale fencing. I wonder what’s inside?

    2015/07/16 at 19:59

    • Pat, alas far as I could see, it was just open space!

      2015/07/16 at 20:10

  4. Indeed.( I like it)

    2015/07/17 at 02:20

  5. WOW! Those horses are certainly not going to escape from behind those fences.

    2015/07/17 at 02:23

    • M R, I think you’re right! Thanks for visiting!

      2015/07/17 at 15:35

  6. Awesome fence scene and I love the sky, great photo. Enjoy your weekend!

    2015/07/17 at 02:30

    • Eileen, Thank you! Hope you have a great weekend too!

      2015/07/17 at 15:34

  7. That’s a lot of fencing and quite cool looking. Those clouds are awesome as well.

    2015/07/17 at 11:28

  8. That’s a major fence…I guess he really wants the neighbors out! 🙂

    2015/07/18 at 16:27

    • Andy, closest neighbour about a mile down the road. I think it’s mainly for a snow and wind break.

      2015/07/18 at 16:52

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