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One Room


A rusty old fence stands guard over this one room school and yard that used to ring with the sound of children.

Only the wind and the birds song are heard these days!

Shared with:  Good Fences #68


10 responses

  1. a neat old place to find!

    2015/07/09 at 18:00

    • T, thanks! I needed to get a bit more of that fence, but the buildings drew me away!

      2015/07/09 at 19:42

  2. Great find and cool photo! Have a happy weekend!

    2015/07/10 at 01:39

    • Eileen, thanks and same to you!

      2015/07/10 at 16:37

  3. I do not knowhow you edited this shot but I love it.

    2015/07/10 at 06:36

    • Margaret, thanks!

      2015/07/10 at 16:38

  4. Pat

    Great subject, composition, color, texture – I love it.

    2015/07/10 at 10:53

  5. ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®©

    Nice work!

    2015/07/10 at 13:07

    • Thunder, thanks!

      2015/07/10 at 16:39

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