My world in images



The ever present dominance of Mt. Rundle, near Banff, Alberta.

We returned from a holiday on Friday!  We travelled across the prairies to Manitoba and back.

Saw lots of our wonderful country and had a great time.

Over 3000 images taken, so hold your breaths, here we go!


8 responses

  1. Our world is such an astonishing place…Love the image. Banff is one of my favorite spots.

    2015/06/14 at 17:59

    • Charlie, I agree! Every time I go through there I’m totally amazed!

      2015/06/14 at 20:59

  2. a nice one to kick it off! 🙂 welcome back!

    2015/06/14 at 20:04

    • T, lots more to go! Thank you! It’s good to be home!

      2015/06/14 at 21:00

  3. Very nice scenery!

    2015/06/15 at 10:20

    • Andy, it’s a beautiful part of the country! Thanks!

      2015/06/15 at 13:14

  4. Pat


    2015/06/15 at 19:50

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