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A Idyllic rural scene in Langley, B.C.

Linked to:  Good Fences # 61


20 responses

  1. nice!!

    (glad to have you back, again – at least for a bit.) 🙂

    2015/05/21 at 13:22

  2. Such a pretty scene and very colorful too. I like this shot a lot.

    2015/05/21 at 14:11

    • Ida, thanks so much!

      2015/05/21 at 18:49

  3. Beautiful scene, I love the red barns.. Great fence scene.

    2015/05/21 at 14:14

    • Eileen, thank you!

      2015/05/21 at 18:49

  4. What a pretty country sight. It appears to be a prefect country home.

    2015/05/21 at 14:45

    • LaVoice, thank you!

      2015/05/21 at 18:50

  5. bj

    Well…..this is just a beautiful photo. The fencing is awesome..the trees are beautiful…and that red barn steals the whole show…:)

    2015/05/21 at 15:03

    • Bj, thanks so much!

      2015/05/21 at 18:51

  6. I love how we can ses the red barn just peeping though the tree branches and by the way I loved your ostrick shots a few days ago.

    2015/05/21 at 15:52

    • Margaret, thank you!

      2015/05/21 at 18:52

  7. ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®©

    Lovely combo of nature and bright red barn.

    2015/05/22 at 07:58

    • Thunder, thanks!

      2015/05/22 at 16:05

  8. Pat

    A beautiful scenic shot, Robin.

    2015/05/22 at 08:43

  9. a wonderful fence capture Robin.

    2015/05/23 at 18:47

    • Felicia, thank you!

      2015/05/23 at 19:39

  10. Pat

    Love this picture, Robin! I can see I’m going to tune into your blogs on a regular basis!

    2015/06/04 at 16:58

    • Pat, thanks so much! You are always welcome!

      2015/06/04 at 18:47

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