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Enjoying the Flowers


A female Rufous Hummingbird enjoying the flowers of our Soapwort


10 responses

  1. You did such an amazing job of capturing this hummingbird, they are so difficult to get good pictures.

    2015/05/17 at 23:22

    • Charlie, they can be a challenge! Thanks!

      2015/05/17 at 23:32

  2. oh, that’s beautiful!

    2015/05/18 at 05:54

  3. What a gorgeous shot. Perfect timing.

    2015/05/18 at 22:16

  4. AndysLens

    Is this a double post! 😉

    2015/05/20 at 13:39

    • Andy, yes! Sorry I was feeling lazy!!

      2015/05/20 at 19:30

      • AndysLens

        Oh, I was just giving you a good-natured ribbing! lol 😉

        2015/05/22 at 09:36

      • Andy, Oh, I got that!

        2015/05/22 at 16:04

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