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The Clearing in the Woods


A marshy clearing in the Woods


11 responses

  1. green, green (and a few ticks thrown in, too.) 🙂

    2015/04/25 at 16:21

    • T, naw, I don’t think so. Hasn’t been warm enough yet!

      2015/04/25 at 20:43

    • T, we don’t tend to get ticks in this neck of the world.

      2015/04/25 at 20:44

      • lucky you!

        2015/04/26 at 08:15

      • T, yes, I agree! We don’t get mosquitoes either!

        2015/04/27 at 15:30

      • now you’re just rubbing it in!

        2015/04/27 at 16:04

      • T, yeah, a little bit!

        2015/04/27 at 19:37

  2. Look at all the lovely shades of green.

    2015/04/25 at 20:28

    • Ida, thanks! I do like greens!

      2015/04/27 at 15:32

  3. Pat

    So wild-looking. Looks like it would be interesting hiking through all that

    2015/04/27 at 07:31

    • Pat, yes, I think it could be, but it is pretty wet in there!

      2015/04/27 at 15:31

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