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Waiting at the Corner


I think these horses were waiting for someone.  They were at the very corner of this field and seemed to be focusing their attention down the road.  Maybe waiting for the kids to come home from school.

Anyway, this was a good fence, albeit not a pretty one,

but it’s doing the job!

Linked to:  Good Fences

Drop on over and have a look!


16 responses

  1. so cute and fuzzy. 🙂

    2015/04/23 at 15:15

    • T, thanks! Don’t yours get fuzzy?

      2015/04/23 at 19:30

      • since our winters are short and not severe, they don’t keep it too long. 🙂

        2015/04/23 at 19:34

      • T, I thought that might be the case!

        2015/04/23 at 19:36

  2. Pat

    They do look expectant. Lovely scene captured, Robin.

    2015/04/23 at 16:32

  3. I love the ponies but thats a lot of barbed wire on that fence.


    2015/04/23 at 16:54

    • Diana, yes, there is! I thought that too!

      2015/04/23 at 19:33

  4. The horses are handsome and do seem to be looking for something. The fence is not (ugly) at all. Of course I don’t like barbed wire that much but sometimes it’s necessary. Looks like a new home is being built in the background.

    2015/04/23 at 19:42

    • Ida, thanks! I don’t like it either! Looks like a nice house too!

      2015/04/23 at 19:44

  5. I have never seen orange barbed wire before or perhaps it is all rusted! Love the waiting horses.

    2015/04/23 at 22:44

    • Margaret, yes, it’s rusted! Thanks!

      2015/04/23 at 23:20

  6. Love this picture, setting . . . the waiting at the corner . . .
    A rusty barbed wire fence is my favorite . . .
    Seems like there is usually a story that accompanies the fence . . .

    2015/04/24 at 05:40

    • Lynne, thank you!

      2015/04/24 at 13:04

  7. Awwww, love this.

    2015/04/24 at 18:01

    • Felicia, thanks!

      2015/04/24 at 18:02

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